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5 Reasons to Prioritize Automotive Dent Repair

In many situations, a dent, ding, or scratch seems like a minor cosmetic issue compared to the potential damage that could affect your vehicle. This minimization causes many vehicle owners to put off or avoid dent repair altogether.
Unfortunately, the choice to prioritize other automotive services over professional dent repair can have lasting consequences for your vehicle. In this blog, we list five of the reasons why you should prioritize prompt dent repair from a qualified technician when your car's paint job sustains damage of any kind.
1. Detect Underlying Issues
The majority of paint defects occur after a collision - whether the collision is with a shopping cart or a semi-truck. The outward signs of these incidents may appear small, but even fairly minor accidents can have a significant impact on the structural integrity of your car.
For example, collisions often alter the alignment of the wheels or shape of the vehicle frame, which potentially impacts handling and safety. When you bring your vehicle in for dent repair, you also proactively detect any underlying issues that may not be visible or may be visually obscured by the surface damage to the vehicle.
2. Minimize Needed Repairs
Many types of automotive damage, like glass chips and dents, are progressive over time. Just like a chip in your windshield can spread into a spiderweb of cracks if left unrepaired, a paint defect can deepen and expand.
The repair methods needed for shallow, new dents are relatively minor and generally cost less than the restoration of advanced paint damage. In many cases, prompt repairs by an experienced professional can save you money on repairs in the long run. Most dent repairs can be handled in a single day, while the potential repairs needed to address untreated paint defects can take much more time.
3. Preserve Vehicle Value
Even when a scrape or ding does not affect the structure of your vehicle, dents can dramatically decrease the resale value of your car. Not only can this decrease in value impact your profit margin if you decide to sell your car, but a decrease in value can also affect your insurance coverage.
For example, a car with visible exterior damage that is totaled in an accident may be worth a significantly smaller settlement from the insurance company than a vehicle with an unblemished paint job. This change in value may make it more difficult for you to get the car you want when you're ready to give up your current model.
4. Prevent Corrosion
As discussed in section two, many paint defects tend to worsen over time. This progression may consist of paint peeling, dents deepening, and rust developing. Essentially, the damage that cuts through your vehicle's paint makes the underlying metals vulnerable to corrosion.
When rust occurs and is not immediately treated, it can undermine the structure of the vehicle's body. This type of corrosion increases the effects of weather changes like low temperatures and road conditions like road salt.
5. Safeguard Vehicle Appearance
While the safety and security of your vehicle are more important than its appearance, many vehicle owners also value maintaining the cosmetic appeal of their cars, trucks, and SUVs. Dents and dings can immediately impact the look of a vehicle - creating a dingy appearance. Rapid repairs ensure the best possible paint matching during the restoration process as well as a smoother end result.
After your car receives a scrape, scratch, or ding, schedule professional dent repair as soon as possible to account for the possible consequences of untreated dents as listed above. For complete auto body services, including both superficial and deep dent repair, trust our experienced team at Kearny Mesa Auto Body.