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6 Signs You Should Have Your Car Repainted

Painting a car
Many people never think of repainting their cars. However, a number of situations exist in which a car owner can benefit from repainting an entire vehicle, though. The following scenarios are perfect to give your car a new paint job.

1. You Need to Do Major Body Work

If you need to do just minor body work on your car, then only the areas of the car you repair will probably need to be painted. If you need major body work on your vehicle, however, the time is right to paint the entire car.

Even though paint matching can be tricky, a good body shop should be able to match up paint well when only painting certain parts of a car. However, if you do work on a larger surface area on the car, the difference between the new and old paint might be more visible.

The color differences will be easier to see, even if the difference is minor. The newer paint might be brighter and shinier, too, while the old paint might appear to be dull. For the best look after having major body work done, consider repainting the entire car.

2. Your Car Has Rust

If your car is older and has rust, you might be worried about the impact that the rust will have. Over time, rust can ruin your vehicle if you ignore the problem. Repainting your entire car is a good way to save it from major rust damage and can help prevent rust damage from being an issue later too.

3. Your Vehicle's Paint Job Is Faded

Even if your older car is in good shape in general, its paint job might look a bit faded. No matter how hard you try to take good care of a car, the paint job can fade over time from the sun. You don't have to replace a perfectly good used car just because the paint job starts to show signs of age. Instead, repaint your used car so that it will look like new again.

4. You'd Prefer a Different Color for Your Car

You may have never really cared for the paint color of your vehicle, or you might have just decided that you are ready for something different. In either scenario, repainting your car can help you fall in love with your car all over again.

Switching your car from one color to another is a big job, so you'll want to find a body repair shop that has experience in changing car colors. Choosing an experienced vehicle painting team will help you get the best results when your car is painted. If the job is done properly, your car should look as if it came from the factory in its new color.

5. Your Vehicle Is a Show Car

If you have a show car, you might want to do something to make it stand out against the competition. Whether you choose to just freshen up your car's current paint job with a new paint job in the same color or if you choose to go with custom paint for a unique look, the new paint job might be enough to help your car win more at car shows.

6. A Previous Paint Job Wasn't Done Properly

You may have already painted your car in the past, but you might not have been happy with the results. If you do not like the color or if you think the paint job is shoddy, such as if the car's paint has bubbles or other imperfections, repainting your car completely with a more experienced crew will help you restore the look of your vehicle.

In these situations and more, the time is right to repaint your car. Contact us at Kearny Mesa Auto Body to find out more about painting your car.