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Car Paint Colors That Are Easy to Care For

Paining a car
When repainting your car after an accident or because you want to give your vehicle a new appeal, choosing the right hue is essential. Some colors are easier to keep clean and lustrous than others are.

This guide lists a few low-maintenance car colors you should consider for your vehicle. Stock colors are easier to touch up than custom hues, so keep this in mind as you decide which shade to paint your car.


White is a classic car color that is among the most popular hues for car drivers. Not only is white reflective (meaning the color will keep heat from burning up the interior of your vehicle) the color is also surprisingly easy to keep clean.

Furthermore, white keeps any vehicle flaws, such as small dents and dings, from being as noticeable. Classic white is an option, although you can also choose cream or off-white for your vehicle to follow current trends.


In general, metallic and pearl sheen vehicles are harder to keep clean. Silver is the classic exception to this rule. Silver is the most popular car color - with nearly a quarter of vehicles sporting this hue - and the color is very easy to keep clean.

If you want a metallic-hued car, then silver is your ideal option. Silver comes in a variety of shades, from a rich silvery pewter to an off-gray or even silvery-gold. Speak to your auto body specialist about different silver colors to choose from. You can base your decision on the style of your car and your personal preference.

If silver or metallic hues are not your style, then stick with classic gray. Gray is another very common car color that works well with most vehicle body styles and is adept at hiding dirt, grime, and other debris. 

Champagne or Light Gold 

If you want a car color that hides imperfections, easily keeps dirt from being noticeable on your car, and gives your vehicle an upscale appeal, then consider champagne or a very light gold. Nearly tan in appearance, this metallic shade is very easy to clean and can be matched by your auto body specialist.

The key to choosing a champagne hue is to go light and stick to tan undertones. The result is a car that is not quite metallic. This color is an easy-to-care-for upgrade.

Light Blue 

Light blue is pleasing car color if you want a sportier hue but don't want to worry about always having to keep your vehicle clean. The key to choosing a light blue shade is this: stick to gray-based blue tones and stay away from metallic shades. In addition, the light blue shouldn't be pastel or powdery in its appearance. 

Your auto body specialist will show you light blue color swatches to help you choose the right shade for your car. Make sure you pick one that's easy to maintain.

Colors to Avoid 

Black, red, dark blue, and other rich colors are high-maintenance because they make even small specks of mud or dirt stand out. These colors also tend to point out poor bodywork and other vehicle flaws. If you want low-maintenance paint on your car, then stick to lighter, more neutral shades that will give you the results you want.

Painting your car helps extend your vehicle's aesthetic lifespan and the right hue will make your vehicle look pristine and beautiful all the time. Our team of painting and auto body specialists will match any tone you bring to us. We can give your car the custom or standard appearance you desire. Visit us at Kearny Mesa Auto Body today to learn more. We look forward to working with you.