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Services Your Vehicle May Need After a Major Accident

After a serious accident, you’ll have to consider several things. The first is which auto service center your vehicle should go to. This is an important consideration because the shop will impact how quickly the vehicle is back on the road. To get your vehicle back in drivable condition as quickly as possible, you should choose a service center that offers all the services your vehicle might need.
This guide lists potential car services you’ll want to consider after an accident.

Tow Service

First, look for an auto service center that offers towing services. The center doesn't necessarily need to be the most widely advertised towing service in the area, but they ought to offer towing services to their customers.
You shouldn't drive a vehicle that's been in a serious accident unless you know it's safe to operate the vehicle. Without having the car inspected, it can be difficult to tell whether a vehicle's safe for driving. Therefore, the safest option is to have a vehicle that's been damaged towed to a service center.
Since you'll need to have your vehicle towed, it makes sense to select an auto service center that has its own tow truck. Working with a center that provides towing will reduce how many companies bill you or your insurer, which can simplify the insurance claims process.
Because drivers who have been in accidents often need their vehicles repaired, many auto service centers that work on post-accident vehicles provide towing. It shouldn't be hard to find a center that provides this service.

Frame Repair

Second, the best auto service center will offer frame repair. Frame repair usually includes both straightening and welding repair. In straightening frame repair, a vehicle's frame is pulled and pushed back into the correct position by strong (and precise) equipment. In welding repairs, new pieces of metal are inserted into a frame. They're secured by high-quality welding techniques.
By selecting a service center that offers both straightening and welding frame repair, you'll potentially save time. It's often difficult to tell how badly a vehicle's frame is damaged before the vehicle is put on a center's lift. A center that does both kinds of repair will be able to handle any type of damage they find, and they won't need to send the vehicle elsewhere for work.

Dent Repair

Another important service that you may require is dent repair. Most vehicle accidents, including both minor and major ones, result in at least some dents. Therefore, you'll need an auto service center that offers dent repair.

Paint Matching

After an accident, another consideration you’ll have to think about is the cosmetic appearance of your car. While scratches or paint chipping might not bother you, if you’re planning on reselling your car, you’ll have to consider how potential buyers may feel.
For example, when a part of your car’s exterior is so damaged that it needs to be replaced, this part will usually come in a different paint color than your car. While you might assume the quality of the part should be the most important aspect, not if the colors match, other people may disagree. Some buyers might wonder if you haven’t repaired or serviced this car as often or as thoroughly as it required.
For these reasons, it’s often beneficial to repaint your car after it’s been repaired. Many auto body shops can perfectly match your vehicle's existing paint color, regardless of make, model and year — and the new paint should even account for any fading your car's coat has experienced.
If you've been in a major accident, and need an auto service center that provides any of these services, contact us at Kearny Mesa Auto Body.