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Should You Paint Your Car a Crazy Color?

Colorful Cars

The nice thing about owning your own car is that you can do absolutely anything you want with it. This includes painting it a crazy color. Whether you love bright pink, neon green, or anything in between, the sky's the limit, and the choices are endless in terms of car paint colors.

However, before you rush out and paint your car a crazy color, you want to keep in mind that a vehicle that stands out has certain disadvantages along with the advantages. You'll want to consider a few factors carefully before you make the decision to paint your car. Here are a few things to expect.

You'll Be Asked About Your Car a Lot

One thing you'll have to deal with if you go for a nontraditional paint color is a lot of questions and comments. People are likely going to ask you questions about the color and why you chose it, make comments, and just generally want to talk about your car all the time.

This attention can get old pretty quickly. So if you're not the most social person, or if you just can't stand being asked the same things over and over, you might want to rethink your decision. If you don't mind the extra attention, however, or if you actually enjoy it, then you can go ahead and paint your car whatever color you like.

Your Vehicle Will Always Be Easy to Find

Not everything about having a car that stands out is bad. If you're the type of person who is always losing your car and forgetting where you parked, you should love having a brightly colored or otherwise noticeable car. With a crazy paint color, your vehicle should always be easy to spot.

The Color May Fade

When you choose a very bright color for your vehicle, especially if it's a neon color, you should be prepared for fading as the years pass. Intense colors, even ones done with high quality paint, often can't hold their intensity for very long.

Thus, if you want to keep your vehicle looking fresh, you may have to touch up the paint job every few years, which can be a big commitment and a big expense. You'll have to resign yourself to either dealing with dingy color, or to paying for a regular repaint. You need to decide whether or not you think the hassle is worth it.

Paint Matching Can Be a Hassle

Something else to think about before taking the crazy color plunge is that touch-ups or other minor repairs can sometimes be difficult to do. Many shops don't stock those out-there colors or readily have them on hand. Thus, you might have to settle for a color that's a little off and hope no one notices. Otherwise, you'll just have to wait a long time for your right paint color to arrive or do a lot of searching for a shop that can service you.

Of course, some shops are really expert at paint and can match any paint with ease. If you have a good relationship with such a shop, then this problem probably won't affect you.

Car Color Affects Value

Having a car that's an out-there color can sometimes increase a car's value. That's because the vehicle is unique and different and has custom paint. While that's a good thing, it doesn't necessarily mean that your car will be easy to sell. Even with a higher value, not everyone wants to drive around in a boldly colored vehicle.

As you can see, you have a lot to think about when considering a crazy car color. Weigh the pros and cons to make your decision. No matter what you decide, remember you can always rely on our vehicle painting experts at Kearny Mesa Auto Body. Contact us today.