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Strategies To Try (And Strategies To Avoid) For Best Car Dent Avoidance

It can often be difficult to avoid the dings and dents delivered by car doors in a crowded parking lot. And parking at home isn't necessarily safe either. If you don't have a garage or carport, your car is vulnerable to any large flying object, such as giant hailstones, tree branches thrown by storms, and basketballs thrown by kids.
Here are some useful strategies that help avoid car dents, as well as some to avoid.
Avoiding Dents in the Parking Lot
  • Parking with empty spaces on both sides of your car isn't always possible, so try these strategies to protect your car in parking lots.
  • Remind everyone, especially kids, to open car doors carefully. It's not just rude (and expensive) to dent someone else's car; you can also damage your own doors in the collision.
  • Park next to a motorcycle, a Jeep without doors, or a small vehicle with short doors that won't reach your car easily when opened
  • Park on the passenger side of the neighboring car (if you can find a spot with only one car beside it). There may not be a passenger in any given car, but there's sure to be a driver, so parking on the driver's side is riskier.
  • Use parallel parking if available; this eliminates people parking next to you at all.
  • Use psychological tactics: park by a shiny, new, expensive car whose owner is obviously invested in keeping it in great shape. They'll probably be very careful when opening their own doors, which means less risk for yours.
  • Install protective foam strips on the sides of your car to absorb any potential dings.
Of course these tips can't provide 100% certainty that your car won't get dented (after all, a stiff wind could blow a shopping cart into your car if you're really unlucky--in which case, Kearny Mesa Auto Body will be glad to help). But they can help you reduce your chances of dings and dents while out and about.

Avoiding Dents While Parked at Home
If your house doesn't have a garage you may wish to invest in a carport, especially if your area is highly hail-prone or thrown-basketball-prone. But if you can't swing that either, try to at least do the bare minimum by using these tips:
  • Use a car cover. A well-made car cover increases the amount of force necessary to dent your car, so it also protects against problems like careless guests (or teenagers) who may park too close or open their doors too wide.
  • Make sure you have a comprehensive insurance policy that expressly covers hail damage such as dents and windshield breakage if you're worried about hail.
Contracting car dents at home can be just as frustrating and expensive as collecting dents in a crowded parking lot, but the more protection you give your parked car, the less likely you are to have this problem.

Avoiding Mistakes in the Fight Against Dents
You've probably heard both good advice and bad advice on the subject of avoiding dents, and it can be quite a mistake to try the bad advice. Here are specific examples to avoid:
  • Parking right on the line between two spaces. This takes up way more room than needed and tends to upset other drivers, especially if they're having a hard time finding a spot.
  • Parking on the far side of your space to avoid a car next to you. If you do this, someone could later park on your other side and then have a hard time getting out of the car without giving yours a dent.
If you keep track of which avoidance strategies are likely to work and which are likely to just cause more problems and annoy other drivers, you can more effectively protect your car from harm.

You can't maintain total control over whether or not your car gets dented, but if you're tired of bringing your car in for dent repair every few months, these tips will help. Get in touch today if you'd like more information about Kearny Mesa Auto Body's dent repairs or the other services we offer.