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The Safest Car Colors for You To Consider When Repainting Your Car

Safety on the road is your primary concerns when driving your car. Did you know you can potentially make your car safer simply by having it painted the right hue?
Certain car colors allow for better driver visibility and less distraction on the road, which can help reduce your chance of getting into an accident with another car. If you are considering repainting your car, think about the following colors first.

Classic White

Studies have shown that vehicles painted white are up to 10 percent less likely to encounter a daytime car accident than vehicles painted another hue. The reason for this is simple: visibility.
If white isn't a color you like, consider painting your car a cream color or even a pearl-white instead. Your auto body painter can show you several varieties of white you can choose from to make your car safer on the road.
Another benefit to painting your car white is this: white is among the most popular car colors as well. Should you choose to sell or trade in your vehicle in the future, the white tone you paint your car can help increase its ability to sell quickly.


Silver is another hue that is easily seen on the road and can be attributed to a lesser risk of getting into a car accident. Silver is growing in popularity and it is certainly trendier to many people, making it an ideal hue for road safety. It's also the most popular car hue among buyers, which can give you peace of mind should you choose to sell your car at a later date.
If silver isn't a color you enjoy, then opt for another lighter metallic hue to increase vehicle road safety. Light gold or even a pearl-gray can help you achieve greater safety on the road without compromising your personal style.

Car Colors to Use with Caution

Just as there are car colors that can make your vehicle safer on the road, there are hues that can make your vehicle more likely to get into an accident. Darker hues are less visible to other drivers so use caution when choosing the following paint hues:
  • Brown
  • Dark red
  • Black
There is some benefit to choosing a darker color for your car, however; your vehicle can be easier to see in snowy weather than a lighter car, so if you live in a climate that sees a regular snowy season, it may be beneficial to paint your car a richer hue.
Metallic or pearly finishes can help make your car more visible to other drivers (and increase driving safety) if you want to paint your car a darker color. Your auto body and paint specialist can help you choose a custom tone for your car that will not only make it more appealing to you as a driver but help you feel safer on the road as well.
Of course, the best way to avoid an auto accident is by being an attentive driver who is focused on vehicle safety, however, it may be useful to choose a paint color that makes your car easier to see by other drivers. Don't rely on paint color alone to keep you safe; keep your eyes open and drive defensively, always following road signs and speed limits.
Whether you choose a classic white or silver-tone for visibility or simply want to give your car a modern makeover with another richer hue. Our team of auto paint specialists at Kearny Mesa Auto Body can help transform your car into a beautiful machine you will love to take on the road.