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The Place to Trust for Frame Straightening

In some auto accidents, the actual inner frame of the car receives damage that you simply couldn’t predict. At Kearny Mesa Auto Body, our mechanics are trained and experienced in handling these situations. With our frame straightening services in San Diego, we can work toward getting your ride back into the best working order possible. You may wonder why there is so much damage done to the frame during even a minor collision. Each automobile is made with a “crumple zone.” This area acts as a cushion in an accident, protecting the driver and passengers from being injured. It absorbs the impact, which causes damage, but that is more easily repaired than physical bodily injuries. With our straightening machine, we use tools and technology to make sure your frame is properly aligned, getting the crumple zone back to working order and back on the road.
Auto Frame Repair
Auto Frame Welding

Welding Services for Your Vehicle

Although straightening is an effective process, there are situations that call for deeper repairs and welding. If the bend is making the frame too out of shape, it could be more effective to completely cut that portion out of the vehicle and weld in a new piece of metal. This should only be done by the I-CAR-certified professionals at Kearny Mesa Auto Body, as it will compromise the structural integrity of your car if it is not done properly.

Getting Your Repair Started

You really don’t know how much damage you need to have repaired until you have the professionals at Kearny Mesa Auto Body have a look at it. All insurance is welcome, and we offer our customers free estimates on every job. Call us today at 858-292-4455 to get your repair started or to contact our San Diego towing service to get your car in here as soon as possible. We look forward to working with you, and se habla español!